In its truest sense, the Universal Church is locally evident and personally experienced in and through the parish. For every Catholic, participation in parish life is both a right and a duty. Almost by definition, the Church is spiritually strong and vibrant to the extent that the Baptized members of the parish community live their faith and share it with others. In Confirmation, the candidate is agreeing to enter into that parish community, so it is proper that he or she prepare for that serious obligation in the parish setting.

Preparation to receive the Sacraments requires much more of the candidate than schooling in the basics of the faith. While that aspect is important, and is certainly provided very well in our Catholic schools and parish religious education programs, much more is involved.

Confirmation is not a Sacrament that is chosen for us as in infant Baptism. It is a serious choice we make on our own. It is a commitment we make to live in the fullness of the Roman Catholic Faith.



    • In high school grades 9-12.
    • Regularly attending religion courses either at a Catholic High School or at PSR (Parish School of Religion).
    • Complete the registration paperwork including providing the accurate date and place of baptism.
    • Choose an eligible sponsor (see below).
    • Complete 30 minutes of Adoration each week.
    • Attend a weekday Mass each week.
    • Pray each day.
    • Go to Confession at least once a month.
    • Complete a letter to the pastor that explains why you are requesting to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.
    • Attend the Confirmation retreat and practice.



Sponsors at Confirmation represent the believing Christian Community. Thus it is required that they be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Church, who have themselves received the Sacraments of Initiation, which are Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation, and have reached the age of 16.

If they are married, they must have been validly married in the Church. The Code of Canon Law states they must lead... .“a life in harmony with faith and the role to be undertaken.. .and will help the baptized to lead a Christian life in harmony with Baptism, and to fulfill faithfully the obligations connected with it.”

Remember that being a "Sponsor" at a Sacrament makes one a proper representative of the Catholic Church. If someone does not go to Mass or practice their Catholic faith, the role of representative would be inappropriate for them. How could someone ever represent a group in which they no longer participate?Candidates can avoid hurting the feelings of family and friends by not choosing a person who cannot fulfill these basic requirements.

According to Canon Law a parent may not serve as the sponsor of their own child. The best choice is the baptismal sponsor for this shows clearly the link between Baptism and Confirmation.

 CONFIRMATION RETREAT -  Stand by for further details.

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