Worship/Spiritual Life



 Altar Servers are students in 6th grade (and older) who assist the priest in celebration of the liturgy.  All servers should display a desire to participate in an intimate way during the Holy Service of the Mass.  It is an extreme privilege to kneel so close to the altar as our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, becomes truly present upon the altar.  Training is held in May for St. Peter students and a summer training session is available to all students wishing to serve at weekday or weekend Mass.

Contact Brenda Hickok  522-4728



Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will help and assist the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass. This can also include delivery of communion to the homebound. This “Extraordinary Minister" must have Pastor's approval and Diocesan training every 5 years.  Please call the Parish Office to schedule a time to meet with Father Gorges.


Parish Secretary  522-4728



Lectors/Commentators assist the congregation in participating in the Mass. These individuals need a commitment to continued improvement of speaking skills and must become familiar with the readings for the Mass. The Lector proclaims the first and second readings during Mass.  The Commentator reads the Petitions and announces song titles.  Becoming a Lector and Commentator is a true calling from the Holy Spirit and a serious commitment to your Faith and parish.

Contact Sam Campbell  942-7684



Mass Greeters embody hospitality by holding open church doors at all enterances and extending friendly smiles, kind words and helping hands if needed to all who attend Mass at St. Peter. 


Kitty Huenergardt  522-2764



The adult choir sings at 10:30 am Mass on Sundays, from Labor Day to Memorial Day, as well as various Holy Day Masses throughout the year.  Choir rehearsals are on Wednesdays at 7:15 pm in the church.  Cantors, organists, and pianists are needed for all weekend Masses, and are scheduled quarterly.

Adult Choir Contact

Dorsey Burgess 721-9437 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scheduling Contact

Mike Sanders  761-6579 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Offertory Gifts are presented to our Lord at each Mass by parish families. All families are invited to participate by volunteering to carry up the Offertory gifts to the Priest at the weekend Masses.  As simple as this action is, it is so important to the Mass that it should never be casually delegated to others.

Contact Sam Campbell  942-7684



Pre-Mass Rosary is to promote praying of the Rosary with all parishioners before each weekend mass. Family groups or individuals are welcome to lead the Rosary 20 minutes before the start of each Mass.

Contact Renee Bockover  648-4101



Ushers continue the hospitality of the Mass Greeters by locating available seating, collecting the treasure offering and distributing bulletins after weekend Masses.  Ushers need to arrive 20 minutes prior to Mass and meet in the north cryroom for prayer.

5:30 pm Lead Usher Norb Posch  524-6357
8 am Lead Usher John Thome  721-3651
10:30 am Lead Ushers

David Huenergardt  522-2764 

Ernie Sponsel  302-7095




24 hours/7days a week, all parishioners are encouraged to answer God’s call and commit to one weekly scheduled hour of prayer in the presence of our Lord. Parishioners are welcome to stop in anytime and pray.


Carol Siegrist  524-6357

Sherry Robben  794-8039 


Join parish members by emails with prayer requests for the needs of persons who are ill, greiving, or suffering in any way.

Contact Diane Denning  522-2315